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    Get to know "Nagas" Beliefs, Legends & Holiness

    Get to know "Nagas" Beliefs, Legends & Holiness

    Nagas in English called is King of Nagas, which is a belief in South and Southeast Asia. And is shaped like a large snake with a crest, which means greatness. There is abundance, luck, and it is still a symbol of the rainbow ladder to the universe. The characteristics of beliefs in each region are different. gold and red eyes There are scales that look like fish with many colors. Different according to the prestige, some green, some black, and there may be 7 colors like the color of the rainbow.

    and the most important thing is the serpent that is a common family will have characteristics is one-headed But if it was a family that was higher than an ordinary family, it would have three heads, five heads, seven heads, or nine heads. These are descended from Phaya Sednakharat (Anantanakarat), who was the throne of Vishnu Narai Paramanat at Kaysian Samut Anantanakarat, and people believed that The serpent can transform into a beautiful human being.

    The serpent is also the lord of the water. Some say it's the lord of the sky. and the high serpent was born in the style of Oppatika a ruling class The serpent lived in rivers, swamps, canals, marshes, or in the air until reaching the heavens of Jatu Maha Rashika. and has the origin of the belief in the serpent which is assumed to be from India of the Indian subcontinent

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